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Are you looking for an easy way to edit your pictures OR for inspiration to develop your own artistic editing style? – If the answer is "yes" or "maybe" you're in the perfect spot!
While my three-month stay in Sri Lanka in Winter 2022/23 I decided it was time to play around with the looks of my images and finally build some presets that would fasten up my workflow. While doing that I thought it will also be a big benefit for others to have easy-to-use tools for daily use and speed up your workflow. 
So here we are, after testing the Looks over and over with different camera systems, making a ton of little adjustments and fine-tuning I finally came out with 4 color- and 5 black/white- presets I use myself every day – the "Sri Lanka Preset Collection".
You can either use the Presets as a "one-click-edit"-option or use them as a template to develop your own, personal style of editing.

Buying options
1. Whole Preset Collection (4 color- & 5 b/w-presets) 65,00€
2. Color Presets only (4 pcs.): 40€
3. Black/White Presets only (5 pcs.): 40€
Note: All of the Presets will work with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile & Photoshop.
All Presets will work for Lightroom Classic, Photoshop as well as the free mobile application Lightroom Mobile. After installing them you will only have to adjust the exposure & white balance of your pictures to already have a very good and "instagramable" outcome!
If you have any questions, need help with editing your pictures or just can't figure out how to install everything in the right place just contact me via mail or my Instagram and I will help you figure it out. 
I hope you enjoy using my presets and will create beautiful images using them. You can find more examples of how the presets work below or here on my Instagram Page.
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